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Hi Jayne here.

AKA Tracey’s better half! Ha ha ha.

A little about me. I trained as a chef in 1979 and worked in a variety of establishments until having my first child, Eliott in 1990, another followed in 1993, Oliver.

Looking for something more family friendly, I joined the ambulance service on a part time basis and stayed for 27 years! 

7 years ago we set up a home catering business specialising in vintage afternoon teas. 

Last year I decided to retire from the ambulance service thinking I could take things a little easier making a few desserts here and there. 

That wasn’t to last long…

On one of our drunken curry evenings, a plan was hatched. 

To set up a dog boarding business that would eventually allow Tracey to give up her stressful job and follow her dream to work with dogs.

So that’s where we are now LIVING THE DREAM, surrounded by all shapes and flavours of the doggies variety, so much love, affection and hair!

Hey I'm Tracey.

I know I look like Jayne, but I can assure you we are two different people!

As far back as I can remember when anyone ever asked me "and what do you want to do when you grow up?" I would always say, "I want to work with animals".  I couldn't be a vet as I would faint if I had to do some of the things those guys do and couldn't really think of anything else as a career, so I opted for another option...

An office!

I have been an animal lover since I was able to ask my parents for a pony in our huge back garden, I was allowed a gold fish! 

So when we had the vision of caring for other people's dogs in our own home and taking them out on daily K9 expeditions, I was in my element. 

We, as dog owners have had to leave our special boys with boarders and know how hard it is to trust them with our furry family members. 

It helps when you receive photos and messages to reassure you as parents,  that your pooch is doing better than ok and actually having a better time than you ;0)  Anyways enough about me, I'm here to make sure your dog has the best time whilst you are not able to look after them. 

I can promise you that will always happen. 

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