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Superior Home Boarding.


What is your top concern when thinking of Home Boarding your dog or any K9 Service for that matter?

Our clients told us before using Cozy Canines Services they were worried that their dog would not be treated with the same care and kindness shown by their owners.  They wanted their very important and loved fur baby to be welcomed into a home like it was their own.

Our 'Soul' aim is to make sure every dog in our care will be treated like our own, well sometimes they get away with the little things Finley doesn't!

Every dog is individual and their needs may vary, from the very energetic to the lap dogs who loves a good movie and a cookie.  

Before accepting any new dog into the pack we ask you to come to our home with your dog for a meet and greet.  This is an excellent opportunity for us all to get together and see how Finley interacts with your dog.  We both get the chance to ask lots of questions, this is very important. We need to feel our K9 Services are the right choice for you and us. 


If the meet and greet is successful we would book your dog in for an Exclusive Day Care session.

The Exclusive Day Care consists of a full day of stimulation, play, exercise and enrichment.  It allows us to interact and get to know your dog better.  Building a bond is crucial if we are to spend a relaxed and fun time together.

If the Exclusive Day Care is successful we would book an overnight stay (Superior Home Boarding).  Again this is to make sure your dog is happy in our environment and experience how they cope staying away from home.  Obviously some dogs fair better than others, we may need to spend more time with the nervous or shy dogs before they stay of a longer period.   If we think the dog will settle in the future we are happy to take more time to build that bond.

Once your dog has passed all of the above they are a full Cozy Canines Pack Member and can come stay with us when ever we have availability.

What can our Superior Home Boarding Pack Members expect?

Our day generally starts around 7am, the dogs are fed and are taken on the morning walk.  Tracey gets the van, toys, treats, water and any cleaning materials ready for the daily K9 Expeditions.  Jayne spends the morning pottering with the dogs or playing in the garden, maybe teaching a new trick.  Depending on the fitness capability of your dog, they may go out on a full K9 Expedition with Tracey and some of our other Pack Members.  However we tailor make our exercise plans, so don't worry if your dog hates the rains or are happy with a couple of shorts walks around the block.  We will always fit in with their capability.

In the afternoon we may play more or have a little relaxation session, so the dogs can rest and get ready for dinner time and a further walk before we settle down for the evening and watch tv or listen to some music in the conservatory.


Our home is truly their home, if they sleep on the sofa at home then they sleep on our sofa.  If they sleep next to the bed then that's fine, (however we do need to be able to sleep).  We request that all owners bring the dogs regular food as we do not supply, however as long as you are happy for us to let them have a few treats they will enjoy lots of delights throughout the day. 

All our K9 Pack Members received the same enrichment plan.  This includes never walking any more than 4 dogs at any time,  provide stimulus by providing playing with toys, playing games, fresh water and appropriate exercise for the individual dog.


If you think your dog would like to be a Cozy Canine pack member click here for more details.

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