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Taking the STRESS out of your day is a great one to start with.       

Are you a DOG PARENT who worries what their pooch is up to at home, while you have to leave them to go to work or an important event?

Do you sit in meetings wondering if they are tearing up your furniture or driving the neighbours mad, howling the house down?

Do you have internal cameras set up around the house to keep an eye on them, but they disappear without a trace! Only to appear 2 hours later with one of your expensive shoes in their mouth?

Do you arrive home to find your dog bursting with energy as they have slept all day. Then you have to spend the rest of your evening trying to tire them out (when all you want to do is watch tv, while they cuddle you)?

Let us help take that stress out of their day, let alone yours…

We offer our lucky Pack Members EXCLUSIVE DAY CARE (limited numbers per day).

The day starts after 8am, our Pack Members arrive and get settled into the morning routine.


Some have their breakfast with us, others head straight for the toy box and start playing or find a comfy chair to relax.


Depending on the fitness capability of your dog, they may go out on an hour K9 Expedition with some of our other Pack Members. However, we tailor our exercise plans, so don't worry if your dog hates the rains or are happy with a short walk around the block. We will always fit in with their capability.

​In the afternoon we may play more or have a little relaxation session, so the dogs can rest and get ready for a game or two with a tasty treat before home time (before 5pm).


The days just fly by.

​They are never left on their own throughout the day, there is always one of us at hand to make sure our Pack Members are safe and happy. (Our USP)

Cozy Canines Services is multi award winning for both, our Exclusive Day Care and Superior Home Boarding services.

We have a strict security procedure for all new pack members, before being accepted.

Our expert K9 services are for those ELITE owners who demand the finest care for their pooches.

If you would like to be considered, please drop us a message.  If you have any other questions, just ask.


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