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K9 Expeditions and K9 Expeditions Plus.


Have you ever wondered what happens to your dog when they leave home with your trusted K9 Services specialist?

We hope you do and would ask lots of questions to the person taking a family member out to have fun, either on their own or with a group of friendly pooches.

Here's what the Cozy Canines pack members can expect.  They are collected in our lovely van 'Mac', she is fully fitted with 3 travel crates lined with clean and comfortable bedding, air conditioned and vented for the warmer days, a portable shower for the wetter, dirty days, and plenty of water and treats to keep them happy and hydrated.


Once we have collected the specially selected group of dogs we head off  to a local secluded, safe wooded or open area so we can begin to have fun. 

The dogs with good recall and social skills can be taken off the lead. With a ruck sack packed with water, first aid kit, toys and treats the fun begins.


Maybe your dog would like to carry a ball or find a stick to destroy?  We spend an hour or an hour and half on our K9 Expeditions Plus sessions, trekking through fields, woods and paths. 

We don't allow the dogs to get rough with each other and keep focus on us for the entertainment, we know that sometime the dogs want to run off with each other and get up to no good!  If this happens we would re-group with a short game to refocus the troops then continue on our way.


We come across all sorts of obstacles and distractions on the trek, maybe a stream to cool down and grab a quick drink or an open field so we can play "Find it" or even something disgusting to roll in!  Don't worry that's where the portable shower comes in handy


When all the dogs are happy and have had both mental and physical activity we head back to 'Mac'.


Once back at the van we have a clean, final drink and treat before heading off home.

Our K9 Expeditions pack members received the same enrichment plan as the Superior Home Boarding and Exclusive Day Care members.  This includes never walking any more than 4 dogs at any time,  provide stimulus by providing playing with toys, playing games, fresh water and appropriate exercise for the individual dog.

If you think your dog would like to be a Cozy Canine pack member click here for more details.

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