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A leap of faith not every dog walker would have the balls to explore...

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Do you have a dog that's nervous with good recall skills on the lead. But you wouldn't let anyone else let them off the lead just in case they got spooked and ran off?

This is Marlow's story.

One day in Spring 2018 we received a call from a lady who was looking for somewhere special to leave her family pet, Marlow. Now Marlow isn't just any beautiful cross Retriever/Collie, she was found in a rescue centre in Asia. As she was born with only one eye, it would have probably been a sorry end for Marlow if her Mom (Nicole) hadn't seen and fallen in love with ball of fluff and taken her home.

Puppy Marlow

Well travelled pooch.

Nicole left Asia for the USA with Marlow and the rest of her family when Marlow was young. Then she met and fell in love with a guy from the UK and moved to Yorkshire. This is where we were lucky enough to meet everyone. We spend most days walking Marlow with other dogs, with our bond growing as the Months have gone by. It was getting to the stage where I felt it was the right time to speak to Nicole and see what her point of view was if I took Marlow to a great location, with no traffic, not a lot of other people or dogs and let her off the lead! I knew she would come back and wouldn't go too far from me, so lets get a pack of her friends and try it. Once we arrived at the location of choice we all walked to a point where I felt was the best place to let Marlow loose...

She had the time of her life, running free with the other dogs, where she wanted to go, without me been dragged behind her. It was a joy to see. I sent photos and a short video to Nicole to show what a great time Marlow was having. Of course at the same time constantly looking around us for people approaching with a pocket full of treats.

Back to the future.

Now when we go out on our K9 Expeditions and we find a safe area, Marlow can have some off lead time. It makes so much difference to Marlow, she get to expel all that energy she has and play. To Nicole, she is comfortable knowing Marlow is safe and having fun. To me, it puts the biggest smile on my face.

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